by Zeke Berman_

Two Figures, No. 16, 1989_
by Vladimir Židlický

Une cloche à plongeur de l’Hippodrome de New-York, 1873_

create and design for all the wrong reasons_

Connected by Blood, #051, from ‘Night Journey’, 2010-2012_
by Susan kae Grant

"Japanese Sky I", from the ‘Bleacher Series’ - Unique large-format Polapan print, 1988 - by Robert Rauschenberg_

by Rimel Neffati_

War 1939-1945. Occupation. Destruction of Statues for Metal Recovery. Paris, 1941 - by Pierre Jahan_

by Pavel Titovich_



Nikola Tesla holding one of his wireless powered lamps, 1919_

The Dream, 1998 - From ‘Time’ Series_
by Morten Krogvold

Manipulation of contracted inter-vertebral ligament in cervical region. Physical therapy nurse at Walter Reed medical center 1916-17. (Archives National Museum Of Health and Medicine)_